Cedric the entertainer

Cedric The Entertainer Cancels $25K Family Fund Due To ‘Greedy Relatives’

Comedian and actor Cedric the Entertainer, known offstage as Cedric Kyles, shared insights into his role as the family’s financial support system during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club on Sept. 14.

According to Essence, while promoting his new book, Flipping Boxcars, the 59-year-old entertainer revealed that he had once established a $25,000 fund to assist his family in emergencies like mortgage payments or school expenses.

On The Breakfast Club, he explained his approach to lending money to family members.

“I definitely know how to say ‘no’…I say ‘nay,’ I’m past ‘no.’” Cedric described the fund as an annual financial safety net, managed by his sister to provide financial help to family members for valid needs, not frivolous requests. However, he clarified that the fund had its limitations, with recipients receiving only a portion of the $25,000.

Unfortunately, the generosity had to end as some family members started requesting larger sums, leading Cedric to discontinue the fund. He expressed his reasoning.

“Some people wanted bigger and bigger checks,” highlighting the challenges and complexities of supporting loved ones financially.

Cedric the Entertainer’s career has seen remarkable success since he began hosting BET’s Comicview in 1993, marking the start of his rise to fame. He quickly ventured into acting, securing his first significant role as the Cowardly Lion in the 1995 Apollo Theater revival of The Wiz.

Over the years, he has appeared in several hit films, including Barbershop, Madagascar, and Ice Age. He has also starred in popular sitcoms such as The Steve Harvey Show and The Proud Family, and currently stars in CBS’s The Neighborhood and A&E’s Kings of BBQ with Anthony Anderson.

Cedric’s new book, Flipping Boxcars, is a crime thriller with a deeply personal connection to the entertainer, as the lead character is based on his grandfather.