Celebrity Stylist Angela Dean Launches Inclusive Shapewear Collection

Celebrity Stylist Angela Dean Launches Inclusive Shapewear Collection

Angela Dean
Source: BlackNews.com

Celebrity fashion designer Angela Dean launched Shaped by an Angel, an innovative line of body shapers after noticing a lack of products that help enhance and adequately compliment women’s bodies. With decades of accomplishments under her belt, Dean is a highly sought-after stylist who has worked alongside Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Madonna, and many other notable names.

Dean’s work has graced the pages of acclaimed publications like Essence and O, The Oprah Magazine. The silver-gray silk velvet wrap-dress Dean designed for Jazz legend Nancy Wilson to wear to the 2007 Grammy Awards is now housed at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Over the course of her career in fashion, Dean noticed an issue that plagued many women regardless of if they identified as a celebrity or not.

“Celebrities are not different from the rest of us in their frustration of finding clothes that fit them well,” Dean explained in a statement to BlackNews.com. “Helping real women with real bodies find solutions that respond to their needs is the source of my passion and inspiration. It is not about striving for a beautiful image in a fashion magazine that nobody can reach. My work brings out the beauty that lies in all women no matter what size they are.”

Dean used that passion and inspiration to create Shaped by an Angel. According to the brand’s mission statement, Shaped by an Angel offers women the opportunity to enhance their natural form while minimizing trouble spots.

Created with a post-surgical compression fabric that reduces cellulite and enhances blood flow, Shaped by an Angel is tailored to five different body shapes and provides both instant and long-term benefits. The revolutionary shapewear is available in a variety of lengths and is reported to reduce a woman’s figure by one dress size on average.