Chad Johnson Lived at the Cincinnati Bengals Stadium for Two Years to Save Money

Chad Johnson was one of the NFL’s loudest trash talkers. His bravado was unmatched. However, when it came to Johnson’s finances, the former Cincinnati Bengal was frugal.

During a sit-down with Shannon Sharpe on Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, Johnson discussed how he saved money.

“There’s nothing that I can buy that’s bigger than my name alone. So, it made no sense,” Johnson said. “But everybody’s caught up in the image and looking a certain way and being rich. Do you know how hard it is to live like that consistently and be fly everyday?”

Wanting to save money, Johnson flew the budget airline, Spirit. He purchased his watches, necklaces, and jewelry from Claire’s.

Johnson said to Shape that he saved 80-83% of his $48 million salary he made for 11 seasons.

“People think to fix the problem is, ‘Well, give me more money, and I will be alright.’ But the more you make, the more you spend—if you have no discipline.”

Johnson also added that he lived at the Bengals’ stadium his first two years in the NFL.

“I didn’t move out of my grandmother’s house because I was content and used to where I live,” Johnson said. “I didn’t move out of my grandmother’s house until my fourth year in the NFL.”

Johnson has been retired for a decade now, and has yet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Recently,  T.J. Houshmandzadeh spoke about Johnson and the Hall of Fame.

“Chad was a top-three receiver in the league. No question,” Houshmandzadeh said. “Nobody can argue that. He can’t be a finalist? There’s dudes getting in the Hall of Fame that can’t f*** with Chad.”

Johnson, who has six Pro Bowls and two All-Pros, was the 36th pick of the second round in the 2001 draft. 

Johnson recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Sharelle Rosado.