Chad Johnson Admits Saving 80 Percent of His Salary By Wearing Fake Jewelry and Flying Spirit Airlines

With a high percentage of professional football players going bankrupt after their playing days are over, one popular former NFL player stated that he was able to save at least 80% of his earnings from when he was playing football.

Former NFL wide receiver, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson revealed on a recent podcast that he was careful with his spending and it allowed him to save between 80 and 83% of his NFL salary.

While appearing on NFL Hall-of-Famer Shannon Sharpes podcast, Club Shay Shay, the former Cincinnati Bengal also divulged that he wore fake jewelry and doesn’t fly in a private plane, he’ll take Spirit Airlines in a heartbeat.

“Fly private? I ain’t flying private,” the flashy former player, who retired in 2012 expressed.

“Put me on Spirit. Exit row. Window seat. That’s all I need. As long as I get from point A to point B. I don’t need private.”

Johnson also explained to Sharpe how the illusion of wearing expensive jewelry worked – although his were fake. Women were always impressed with him because of who he was and/or what he was reported as making during his playing career.

“We talk about jewelry and watches and chains. I never bought real anything when I was playing. Never. What was the point? I went to Claire’s. For what? What am I doing it for? The women are going to deal with you anyway, because of who you are, and then the other women, who are really doing their homework done Googled how much you making already. Why am I buying a 50-thousand dollar watch, 80-thousand dollar watch?”

Johnson also told Sharpe that he saved money by staying at the Cincinnati Bengals training facility for the first two years he played for the team. Against the advice of others, he decided to forgo purchasing a house or renting a condo.

“I stayed at the stadium for the first two years because I ain’t want to spend no money. Why you telling me go rent a house, go buy a house, go rent a condo when everything I need is right here in the facility at Paul Brown? Showers, cafeteria, TV, couch, gaming system — what’s the point?”

You can view the full interview below: