Time to Change the Game: Knowing When to ‘Pivot’ Your Career

Time to Change the Game: Knowing When to ‘Pivot’ Your Career

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Ever wonder what’s the aha moment when people realize they need to make a change in their careers? From Toni Braxton’s retirement from music to pursue acting to Laz Alonso’s life-changing decision to leave Wall Street for Hollywood, the move to make a shift in one’s career can be a pivotal one.

One man decided to make such a ‘pivot,’ as he puts it, that gave him the life-fulfilling career he always wanted, having left a well-paying job in public relations to intern for Diddy (for free) and move up the ranks to start his own music company. Aaron Arnold, CEO of Music Is My Business, did just that, and details how you can go about making the decision for yourself. He writes for Forbes:

It’s OK to be the underdog. Once you’ve made your choice, don’t expect the heavens to open up so that amazing opportunities just drop into your lap without the groundwork being laid first. Be persistent, but exercise patience – and never lose faith. The world may seem against you; people from afar and people closest to you may discourage or even doubt you. However, this generally means that your next move is not just good, but great. People often fear what they won’t do or do not understand.

Trust your body, mind and heart. Much like those wilderness guys you see on TV in extreme situations, you too must use your survival instincts in this new environment. Trust in yourself, trust your heart as you maneuver, and enjoy the ride.

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