Change Your State of Mind For Better Leadership

Change Your State of Mind For Better Leadership

Leadership is more than a collection of tips on what to do when you are the boss. It is something that is embodied day in and day out. The way you carry yourself and the way you handle situations. Leah Eichler claims that leadership has become an overused term that has lost its meaning. She seeks to redefine it based on the book Lead  Yourself First by Michelle Ray. “My premise is for everyone to view leadership as a state of mind rather than a job title. Especially in these times, it’s incumbent of all of us to see ourselves as leaders of our lives,” Ms. Ray suggested.

Leadership means knowing your own values and being able to translate that into a vision for yourself and others. Think of it as navigating a ship: There could be a hundred people on board or you might be alone but the main task is the same — how do you chart its course and keep it from sinking?

Rather than glean inspiration from the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Ms. Ray draws examples from more relatable people, such as Stan, a security guard at the Regina airport. Stan shared his story about losing his son to suicide, then his job and marriage. Despite this, he set a course to pull his life together, perform well at his role and have a positive impact on those around him. He demonstrated strong personal leadership skills by recognizing the importance of character, but he wasn’t a traditional leader.

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