Changing the Game of Financial Literacy for Black Kids

Goalsetter is a new financial literacy platform for kids. The platform lets the whole family get in on the savings action. Family members can use birthdays and holidays to send kids GoalCards instead of gift cards so kids receive real money towards real dreams.

Parents can also set up round-ups or auto-save to help kids save for big goals over time, and children can earn money via a Goalsetter Allowance.

“Goalsetter is a goal-based FDIC-insured savings, gifting and allowance platform made just for kids and powered by those who love them,” explained Tanya Van Court, founder of Goalsetter. “Goalsetter lets kids save in three big categories: saving for their future, sharing with others, and spending on things or experiences that matter to them.”

As an African American mother, Van Court understands the importance of teaching kids about money and saving early on. As per the company’s website, “The seed for Goalsetter was planted by Gabrielle, who told her mom, Tanya that she only wanted two things for her 9th birthday: a bike and enough money to start an investment account.”

“Kids who have savings accounts in their names are not only six times more likely to go to college; they’re also four times more likely to own stocks by the time they are young adults,” said Van Court. “Goalsetter’s mission is to get every household in America saving, one kid at a time.”

Forging relationships with national non-profits, school systems, and corporations — Goalsetter helps create the next generation of savers, investors, and wealth-creators. The company’s partners include Morgan Stanley, New York City, and Boston public schools, as well as the Center for Changing Lives.

Before creating Goalsetter, Van Court served as senior vice president of partner marketing at Discovery Education, where she launched digital textbooks to schools across the country. She also led Nickelodeon’s digital preschool and parenting businesses, including Prior to Nickelodeon, Van Court served as vice president of new media products for ESPN, where she led the launch of ESPN3.

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