Charles Barkley, Tina Knowles

Charles Barkley Apologized To Tina Knowles After Insulting Her Hometown

'Miss Knowles, I don’t want that smoke. I don’t want the Beyhive and Jay after Chuck.'

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley made an unkind statement regarding the hometown of Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles. After discovering that she found out what he said, he immediately apologized saying, “Mrs. Knowles, I don’t want that smoke.”

While discussing the Oklahoma City Thunder beating the New Orleans Pelicans and placing them on the brink of elimination from the first round of the NBA Playoffs, Shaquille O’Neal asked Barkley on TNT’s Inside the NBA where the Pelicans were heading. Barkley told him that instead of going to Cancun, Mexico, they needed to go to Galveston where they have “dirty ass water.”

Those comments got him in trouble when Knowles admitted that her son-in-law, JAY-Z, informed her of Brakley’s derogatory comment about her hometown. She took to social media and had some words for the commentator.

“Chuck, we don’t play about Galveston, Texas! You better watch it, sucker! 😂😂Our water might not be blue, but it is still the beach, and we love it! In fact, what you probably don’t know is It’s an Island !! Yes, me and @angiebeyince still rock our BOI necklaces ( Born On The Island) 😂😂😂. Jay sent this to me and Angie B Yesterday ! He asked us if we’re gonna let him talk about our city like that! 😂😂😂All Good, @charleswbarkley. We got a great laugh. So y’all don’t start no S___T 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️”

After posting this, Barkley had to retract and offer an apology to Knowles, admitting that he did not want to deal with her, the Beyhive, or JAY-Z. As his co-hosts read back Knowles’ post on air, Barkley looked directly into the camera and spoke directly to Beyonce’s mother.

“Miss Knowles, I don’t want that smoke. I don’t want the Beyhive and Jay after Chuck. Just know, I apologize. I do not want the Beyhive and Jay after me.” Although he had to retract his words, he stated that he was still not going there.