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Anti-Social Media Charles Barkley Finally Joins Instagram: ‘It’s For Business Purposes’

After years of blasting people who use social media as 'losers,' Barkley finally obtains an Instagram account.

It’s official: former NBA player Charles Barkley is finally on Instagram, according to an announcement made on his show Inside the NBA on Feb. 29. Even though for many years he insisted he would never join social media, Barkley has caved in and started his own IG account.

When Kenny Smith broached the subject on the show, Barkley confessed to the other Inside the NBA hosts by saying, “I’m trying out social media.” As the man known as the “Round Mound of Rebound” slyly smiled, his co-hosts immediately began to tease him, since he had been adamantly against having a presence on social media.

“I’ve been here 12 years, and 11.9 of those years, you said ‘I’m never going on social media,'” Shaquille O’Neal reminded him.

Barkley responded, “It’s for business purposes” before revealing that his handle is CharlesWBarkley on Instagram. Then the hosts warned him about “sliding into DMs” before giving him an explanation of what that means, in social media speak. Barkley, who revealed he had only had the account for a week, admitted that someone else is posting for him while he “learns” how to use his Instagram account.

His fellow co-hosts also warned him about “liking” other people’s posts, because other users can see who and what he likes.

Still, fans and friends are shocked Barkley finally joined social media.

The Sporting News unveiled a video from seven years ago showing Barkley saying that he thinks “social media is just for losers.” He emphasizes that social media gives “losers” a bigger voice when they shouldn’t be heard. Although he admits that you can’t “survive without technology” but refused to join Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As recently as last month on his CNN show with Gayle King, King Charles, Barkley still had an attitude about joining social media. When King asked him why doesn’t he have social media, he said, “I don’t want to bring fools into my life.”

Barkley just signed a deal last year with the Atlanta Hawks to bring his Redmont Vodka brand to State Farm Arena.

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