Check Out Marvel’s Newest Black Female Superhero

Check Out Marvel’s Newest Black Female Superhero

Marvel is taking a fresh approach with their newest comic edition, Lunella Lafayette; a female pre-teen super genius fighting Manhattan monsters alongside her Tyrannosaurus Rex sidekick.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is Marvel’s newest female superhero. The book is the brain-child of Writers Amy Reeder (Madame Xanadu, Batwoman) and Brandon Montclare (Rocket Girl, Fear Itself: Fearsome Four), Artist Natacha Bustos (Strange Sports Stories), Editor Mark Paniccia, and Assistant Editor Emily Shaw.

“Mark and I were talking about how whenever people come in with young kids, or even just for Mark’s own kids, we don’t have that many publications that we can give to people that have that broad reach,” Shaw explained to Entertainment Weekly. “Generally, we’re skewing a little bit older with a lot of our titles, and we wanted to create something that adults and kids could really love, like a Pixar feel. That’s where the tone jumped off for us.”

The story originates from the 1978 Marvel comic Devil Dinosaur, a story by Jack Kirby that took place in another realm and followed a red Tyrannosaurus Rex and his caveman-like friend, Moon-Boy.

The new and improved version takes place in New York City, instead of an alternate universe, where Lafayette and her dino take on modern day adventures.

Read more about the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur here.