Cheerios Exec Says Controversial Ad Reflects 'An American Family'

Cheerios Exec Says Controversial Ad Reflects ‘An American Family’

young biracial child in cheerios adA General Mills executive defended a Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial couple and biracial child that prompted racist comments on Youtube and elsewhere last week.

Camille Gibson, Vice President of Marketing for Cheerios, told the Associated Press that it’s the first time the ad campaign that focuses on “family moments” has featured an interracial couple, and that the company cast actors to reflect a “changing U.S. population.”

“We felt like we were reflecting an American family,” Gibson told the AP.

The ad is part of the company’s Heart Healthy campaign and features a black dad, white mom and biracial female child.

Gibson said the ad will continue running as scheduled for several more months and Cheerios isn’t planning any changes.

Read more and watch the commercial here.