Calling All Scholars! Chick-fil-A Opens Applications for 2024 Scholarship Program

Calling All Scholars! Chick-fil-A Opens Applications for 2024 Scholarship Program

Chick-fil-A isn’t just encouraging humans to eat chicken with its tried-and-true classic sandwich on a toasted buttery bun and other cravings. The popular restaurant chain is also committed to developing future leaders with its latest community scholars program.

In 2023, Chick-fil-A, Inc. made a multimillion investment through initiatives such as the “Remarkable Futures Scholarship,” according to a press release. A whopping $25 million in scholarships helped more than 13,000 restaurant Team Members and 13 community service-minded students across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada pursue higher education and professional goals. Financial support has continued to rise, with more than $162 million in scholarships awarded to over 93,000 employees.

“Chick-fil-A is proud to invest in educational opportunities for students of all ages, both within our restaurants and throughout the communities we serve,” Brent Fielder, senior director of corporate social responsibility at Chick-fil-A, Inc., said in the release.

“Through our company’s longstanding commitment to education, scholarships offered by Chick-fil-A, Inc. support the advancement of service-minded leaders so they can pursue their personal academic goals and make a positive impact in the future.”

The company is offering another opportunity for those who are not team members and may not be eligible for the aforementioned initiative and beyond.

What is the Chick-fil-A™ Community Scholars program?

Chick-fil-A Inc is looking forward to spring 2024, which will mark the 51st year of scholarship giving. It also marks when at least 12 scholarships of $25,000 will be awarded annually to community service-minded leaders in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or Canada.

The program’s purpose is to help pay for the education of “leaders in our communities who want to continue learning while also investing in their leadership development,” reads the program’s website. It also includes a one-year leadership development program facilitated by Chick-fil-A, Inc. Participants will gain access to mentoring and professional development opportunities.

Scholarships will be awarded directly to educational institutions, will apply to any qualifying school, college, or university, and have no employment tenure length requirement.

For more information about eligibility requirements and how to apply, please visit

What is the Remarkable Futures Scholarship?

The Chick-fil-A Remarkable Futures Scholarship offers two types of scholarships for restaurant Team Members, awarding 12 $25,000 True Inspiration™ Scholarships annually and Leadership Scholarships in the amounts of $1,000 and $2,500, per the press release. These applications opened on Aug. 1, 2023, and will close on Oct. 18, 2023.

For more information about the Chick-fil-A Remarkable Futures Scholarship initiative, please visit