Larvetta, L3 Agency

The L3 Agency Helps Create A Seat At The Table For Black Women In Leadership

Spending a decade working in media relations, advertising, and marketing firms led this Black businesswoman to launch her own full-service influencer marketing and communications firm.

Larvetta Loftin, founder of The L3 Agency, created a space for women of color to share their stories and be celebrated. According to the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Loftin launched her firm nearly 20 years ago, after feeling limited and undervalued in the corporate world.

“I wanted to design a space that would be suitable for the way I speak and create, and I wanted to bring young creatives, young women to the table and give them support and make them feel like their voices were heard,” she said.

The brand marketing strategist uses her firm to serve clients from a community- and a female-centric place. “We deliver culturally sensitive and relevant content, and that gives us an edge,” she said.

Loftin and her team boast a long client list of Fortune 500 companies, including Verizon, Bacardi, Toyota, McDonald’s, and CVS Pharmacy. Her team has worked on marketing and branding campaigns for municipalities, energy companies, and nonprofits. The firm also partners with small businesses as they develop a marketing strategy to elevate their own brands.

The technology lover has expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors to a weekly podcast series called Black Businesses Matter. Loftin launched the series as an inspirational outlet for minority business owners to discuss the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. During episodes, Loftin drops major gems on how minority business owners can grow their businesses. “We thought starting a podcast was a great way to be inclusive and talk to a wide audience,” she said.

The L3 Agency CEO is already preparing for the future of her firm and her podcast series. Loftin is in the process of building a new concept at The L3 Agency: merging podcasting with pop-ups, an extension of her live events and activations across the United States. Potential plans for her podcast include turning it into a docuseries.