Attack On Producer, UK, Fugitive of the law

Chris Brown Facing The Music Over Alleged Attack On U.K. Producer, Country Considers Him ‘Fugitive At Law’

Singer Chris Brown may have severed ties with the United Kingdom when he fled the country after being accused of attacking a producer during a stop on his 2023 Under the Influence tour. The victim claims Brown assaulted him with a bottle of tequila at the TAPE nightclub in London on Feb. 19, The Blast reports.

The “Summer Too Hot” singer is now considered a “fugitive at law” for fleeing before he could stand trial for the alleged crime.

The victim, identified in legal documents as Abe Diaw, claims Brown threw a large bottle of Don Julio tequila at his head before “ruthlessly stomping” on him for 30 seconds, resulting in head lacerations and torn ligaments in his leg, according to TMZ. Following the release of details of the incident, Brown is said to have left the United Kingdom and has yet to return. The victim is seeking an undisclosed amount in addition to his hospital and medical expenses, the outlet reports.

The incident was reportedly caught on surveillance video, which Diaw—who says he and Brown have known each other for nearly a decade—claims will corroborate his story.

This comes on the heels of the singer announcing a move away from Los Angeles via Instagram. “L.A. it has been fun,” Brown wrote in his stories. “Cali will always be my second home, but I think it’s time for me to try something different.” The singer has had a sordid history with the City of Angels and the Sunshine State due to several clashes with its justice system, per People. Following Brown’s 2009 attack on pop star and then-girlfriend Rihanna, the singer has appeared in front of the Los Angeles Superior Court on more than five occasions. He was also ordered to serve probation in the city and complete a domestic violence course.

Fans of the singer have attributed his penchant for trouble, especially of the violent variety, to his being an easy target due to “mistakes” made during his younger years; however, others believe his actions represent a pattern of behavior conducive to being considered an abuser.