Chris Brown, Popeyes, lawsuit

Chris Brown Must Pay Back Nearly $2 Million Loan Over Popeyes

Chris Brown now must pay back a nearly $2 million unpaid loan to City National Bank, which was supposed to be used to purchase Popeyes franchises.

Chris Brown has gotten into a sticky situation, this time with fast food staple Popeyes Chicken. The singer must repay a $2 million loan that was supposed to be used to buy two of the franchise’s restaurants.

Brown was supposed to expand his investments into the fried chicken hotspot with partners, such as music producer The Dream. However, their plans never materialized, leading to an unpaid loan that a Los Angeles court finally ordered Brown to repay.

The court confirmed another lawsuit on the matter filed in Georgia, where City National Bank (CNB) first sued the entertainer in September 2023. With both courts now ordering Brown to cough up the over $1.76 million in damages, CNB can now begin the process of obtaining the hefty funds from the 34-year-old entertainer.

CNB stated that the loan was initially taken out in 2018, with accrued interest making its updated total over $2.1 million. Brown was listed as a “personal guarantor” who specifically owed over $1.3 million for the loan.

Brown has 30 days to respond and acknowledge the decision upon the filing’s official date. The filing also details a warning about the steps that could be taken if he does not comply, including the potential seizure of his property.

“This court may order that a writ of execution or other enforcement may be issued. Your wages, money, and property could be taken without further warning from the court,” detailed the court document. “If enforcement procedures have already been issued, the property levied on will not be distributed until 30 days after you are served with this notice.”

No further information has been released on why Brown did not move forward with his Popeyes expansion. This is also not his first venture into franchising, owning several Burger King locations throughout his home state of Virginia. However, his latest legal trouble is one that is now non-negotiable, and Brown must deliver the millions or else face further repercussions.