Chris Redd

‘SNL’ Alum Chris Redd: I Was ‘Ghosted’ By Chief Of Police Investigating Attack Outside Comedy Club

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd feels the assault against him earlier this year was “a planned situation.”

Redd recently appeared on SiriusXM’s The Bennington Show and expressed to host Ron Bennington that the attack didn’t appear to be a random incident. The comic was assaulted outside of popular New York City comedy club the Comedy Cellar in October.

When Bennington asked him if the man who attacked him was “laying” for him or if he was an “unlucky New Yorker.”

“That’s the thing,” Redd said. “People called it a random attack. I don’t believe that. He waited for me, I watched the footage. He waited for me an hour before I got there. He was on the phone, he had a lookout dude and everything. All I’m saying is this, I’ve never done nothing random where it took me an hour to do it. Alright, I’ve never just randomly did a thing that took a build-up. That’s not what random is. So I’ma say, it was a planned situation. That’s what I feel in my heart and soul. That’s what I saw on the footage.”

He stated that he will speak about this in the future, possibly releasing the surveillance video and doing a voiceover on it. He admitted that he had a TV special right before the incident and that the assault was possibly the best thing to happen since it helped promote the comedy special.

Redd said the police were optimistic that the man would be caught since the assault was captured on video. However, things quickly turned.

“They have footage of him. and they were confident,” Redd said.

“The cops were confident at first. The first week they were like, ‘We’re gonna find this man. We’re gonna lock him up.’ And then the second week they were like, ‘We’re getting real close. We’re gonna lock him up. We just gotta get his face. He walked a couple blocks and we’re following him through cameras.’

“And then last week he was like, ‘I don’t know, man.’ And then I texted him this week, he ghosted me! I got ghosted by the Chief of Police.”

We hope they find the offender.