Chris Rock Reveals Being Asked to Host Next Year’s Academy Awards Show But Declined the Invitation

We’ve all seen the smack heard around the world back in March when comedian Chris Rock was assaulted publicly on stage at this year’s Academy Awards presentation.

One thing is certain, there won’t be a repeat performance. The popular comedian recently revealed that he was again offered the opportunity to host the Oscars next year, and he turned it down.

According to AZ Central, during a recent performance by Rock at the Arizona Financial Theatre in Phoenix, he opened up to the audience about the offer he refused.

He also stated during his act that an offer to make a Super Bowl commercial was also given to him, but he declined that invitation too.

He was apparently in good spirits too.

Former rapper and box office sensation Will Smith slapped Rock in the face after the comedian jokingly referenced Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith,  making fun of her bald head. Seemingly, Rock had no clue Pinkett Smith deals with alopecia.

Rock said that going back to host the Oscars was similar to going back to the scene of a crime.

He made comparisons to the Nicole Brown Simpson killing to make a point. He said that him making a return to the Oscars would be like inviting OJ Simpson’s former wife “to go back to the restaurant.”

The Brooklyn comedian also referenced Smith’s assault that night in March while on stage with the Wild, Wild West star.

“He’s bigger than me,” Rock said. “The state of Nevada would not sanction a fight between me and Will Smith.”

Rock seems to be doing well after the Oscars experience. Earlier this month, according to Variety, Rock’s 2005-09 TV series, Everybody Hates Chris, is coming back to television, this time as an animated cartoon series. The newly titled Everybody Still Hates Chris, will make its debut on Paramount+ and Comedy Central.