Rapper Blueface’s Girlfriend Backtracks on Domestic Violence Claims Against Him, Social Media Shows Concern

Rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock have built a brand for themselves by fighting in the streets and broadcasting their toxic love on social media.

The couple’s latest quarrel has riled up social media after Chrisean showed off her bruised and battered face over the weekend, accusing Blueface of physically abusing her. She posted the graphic video on Sunday, claiming Blueface assaulted her after he caught her texting another man.


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Onlookers were quick to shame the couple for seemingly being rewarded with more fame and popularity despite their controversial exploits in public and on social media.

“You can’t cry to the internet then run right back for another blueface tattoo,” one critic said, referencing Chrisean’s multiple body tattoos dedicated to the rapper.

Many had mixed responses, considering how many times Chrisean has fought with Blueface and taken him back.

“i don’t feel bad because when somebody show u who they are 100 times and u still stay your asking for shi like that,” one critic said.

The latest abuse incident comes weeks after Blueface and Chrisean teased their new reality show coming to Zeus Network called Crazy In Love.


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Given the latest violent encounter between the couple, fans started calling for the cancellation of the show.

“That Blueface & Chrisean show needs to be scrapped immediately,” one critic tweeted. “After the way he put his hands on her tonight, it’s time yall stop glorifying abusive relationships and CANCEL IT!”

Amid the backlash to the latest incident, Chrisean returned to social media to post a video backtracking her initial claims and blaming her “mental health” on the drama.

“Sorry guys I had a mental breakdown/bad trip with liquor tryna jump out of a moving car on freeway,” she wrote atop the video.

“I’ll be working on my mental health n liquor habits,” she added.

Fans are already expressing skepticism about Chrisean’s changing story and wonder if she’s doing “damage control” to try and clean up the latest controversy surrounding the couple.

“It’s a cover up smh damage control,” one viewer said.

“They should be a prime example of what not to do in a relationship,” added someone else.