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In the News: Christina Norman Lands HuffPost Black Voices Position; Debt Ceiling Bill Becomes Law and More

Christina Norman finds new home at HuffPost (Image: File)

Christina Norman finds new home at HuffPost (Image: File)
  • Christina Norman Lands HuffPost Black Voices Position

Christina Norman, the ousted CEO of OWN, has found a new home with the Huffington Post, and she’s already busy with overseeing the relaunch of two new women’s sites and the relaunch of Black Voices this week. Norman, whose official title has yet to be released (although “executive editor” has been floating around), is also overseeing video for the company.

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  • Debt Ceiling Bill Becomes Law

President Obama signed into law on Tuesday legislation raising the government’s debt ceiling and cutting trillions of dollars in spending, finally ending a fractious partisan battle just hours before the government’s borrowing authority was set to run out.

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  • Rep Apologizes for Obama ‘Tar Baby’ Remark

GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado has apologized to President Obama for using the controversial phrase “tar baby” in a talk-radio discussion of the president’s economic policies (specifically, “I don’t want to be associated with him. It’s like touching a tar baby and you get it, you’re stuck”).

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  • U.S. Eases Constraints on Aid Groups in Somalia

The Obama administration is assuring aid workers in the Horn of Africa region that they will not violate U.S. laws if some of their food, medicine or money ends up in the hands of al-Qaeda-linked militant groups held responsible for the region’s famine.

The revised U.S. guidelines do not lift any restrictions on the al-Shabab network, which controls southern Somalia and has been blamed for aggravating the impact of drought-driven famine by barring international aid workers from the area.

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