Chromebooks Are Gaining On Microsoft’s Laptops

Chromebooks Are Gaining On Microsoft’s Laptops

Google is making strides with its Chrome OS, and Intel is helping out.

According to Business Insider, in a press conference in San Francisco Tuesday, both Google’s VP for ChromebooksCaesar Sengupta and Intel’s mobile group VP Navin Shenoy spoke about Chromebooks and their success. They shared a few interesting tidbits that could make Microsoft’s Windows a close second on Intel’s to-do list.

First off, Chromebooks are selling like hotcakes online. 5 out of the top 20 most popular laptops sold on Amazon are Chromebooks, while seven out of 20 are the highest-rated laptops on Amazon.

Their low price when compared to Microsoft’s Windows 8 laptops also helps them in other markets. Chromebooks are being bulk ordered by schools. Almost 10,000 schools purchased Chromebooks, according to Sengupta.

The commonly held belief about Chromebooks is that they always need to be online. Google is working on allowing you to view and edit content offline, just like a regular laptop.

Intel is also using the new Intel-powered Chromebooks to fight conflict mineral purchasing, and is advertising these new Chromebooks as having “conflict-free” processors.

There are a slew of benefits and drawbacks to consider when using a Chromebook. The added portability and Google integration are a plus, although if you want to run any apps like Microsoft Office or play any games, you’re better off with a more powerful laptop from Microsoft or Apple.