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Spelman Alum Psychotherapist Starts Culturally Competent Therapy Service, Space For Healing

Chrys Violet started Space for Healing therapy services out of Los Angeles, California.

An experienced Los Angeles psychotherapist has founded a therapy venture titled Space for Healing that offers mental health help and education for those who need it. Spelman alumni Chrys Violet has dedicated herself to giving a real and unfiltered treatment method for depression for the real people who are afflicted by it. She wanted to provide a nurturing, safe, yet dynamic space for healing.

According to PRLog, Violet was inspired to start Space for Healing due to the severe need for more mental health treatment options in healthcare. According to Violet, many people wait far too late to seek out treatment due to a variety of reasons. Also, many people are under the misconception they don’t have the time to engage in therapy, and Violet wanted to emphasize that therapy is not an indulgence, but a way to help improve all areas of our lives to make them better and easier. Violet has decided to offer a safe space with different treatment forms.

Also, she points out that one of the reasons many people don’t consider therapy is because they couldn’t find a therapist who “looked like them,” “understood them” and didn’t have the added burden of having to “explain cultural things,” Violet is hoping to change this.

She said in a press release, “Mental health, left untreated, doesn’t go away, instead it festers like diabetes or cancer.”

Space for Healing highlights the value of a therapeutic environment that fosters openness, honesty, and vulnerability through culturally aware care, inspiring people seeking help to advocate for themselves. 

According to Space for Healing, “1 in 5 adults grapple with mental illness and 1 in 20 face severe mental health challenges.” 

Violet revealed some of her most useful tips for managing depression as a persistent disorder. She advises her own clients to “Establish a Flexible Routine, Embrace Positive Distractions, Prioritize Basic Needs, Find Comfort in Small Pleasures.” Violet elaborated, “Through mindfulness, we can navigate life’s ups and downs with greater insight, patience, and love, finding peace of mind not in a perfect life but in a balanced one.”

While she does a lot of work in the clinical sector of mental health treatment, Violet also spends time doing advocacy work by collaborating with fellow progressive therapists, leading seminars and panels, and emphasizing the importance of awareness for the disorders we cannot physically see. 

The mission of her advocacy work, she said, is “to debunk the myths surrounding mental health, dismantle the barriers to overall wellness, reshape perceptions, and emphasize the positive impact of nonjudgmental, culturally competent care on daily functioning.”

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