Ciara Drags Jason Whitlock for Blaming Tyre Nichols’ Death on ‘Single Black Mothers’

Ciara Wilson has had enough of Black women being blamed for everything.

The R&B singer took to Twitter to address Fox commentator Jason Whitlock’s disturbing take on the Tyre Nichols case. In an interview on Fox News’ The Tucker Carlson Show, Whitlock alluded that Nichols’ beating “looked like what young Black men do when they’re supervised by a single Black woman.” The conservative commentator added, “that’s what they got going on,” referring to Memphis Police Department Chief Cerelyn Davis.


Wilson took offense, slamming Whitlock words, calling them “irresponsible.”

“A lot of amazing kids have come from single mothers,” she tweeted. “For you to also undermine single black women in the midst of this tragedy is so sad.” Whitlock also suggested that all the men in the graphic video were Black men “between the ages of 24 to 32-years-old” and compared the footage to “gang violence.” The 37-year-old mother of three felt that Whitlock knows better than that. “This woman just lost her son! Do better!”

Fellow celebrities rushed to support Ciara. Former NFL player Reggie Bush advised her to ignore “ignorant people.” “Just ignore him he wants the attention that’s why he goes on tv to say stuff like this.” Holly Robinson Peete also tweeted her support, calling Whitlock a “pathetic troll” and proved his theory wrong. “Neither Tyre’s mother or Chief CJ are single black moms so WHY say that?”

Whitlock kept his eyes on the thread and responded, alleging that the singer was “in denial.” “We are going to have to deal with the negative impact of baby-mama culture,” Whitlock tweeted. It’s destructive and unsustainable. Come up out of the denial.”

Other women who identify as single mothers also defended Ciara and Chief Davis. Alicia Peck flipped the script, suggesting Whitlock take a deep dive into the conversation about Black men making women single mothers. “What u fail 2 address is the number of black men who walk away from their children?,” Peck said. “I was a single black mother who raised a son who is now a successful attorney.What I did was build a village around my son AFTER his father walked out n never looked back.”