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Ciroc Refutes Rumors Of 50 Cent Replacing Diddy As Brand Ambassador

Ciroc Vodka has dismissed reports suggesting that 50 Cent would replace Sean "Diddy" Combs as the iconic face of the brand.

AceShowBiz reports that, amid swirling speculation, Ciroc Vodka has dismissed reports suggesting that rapper and entrepreneur Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson would replace Sean “Diddy” Combs as the iconic face of the brand.

The rumor mill went into overdrive following claims that 50 Cent was poised to step into the role of brand ambassador for Ciroc Vodka. However, sources closely associated with the vodka brand have swiftly debunked these claims, asserting there is no truth to the speculation.

According to insiders cited by TMZ, Ciroc has made no overtures toward recruiting 50 Cent, refuting the notion that he was being considered as a potential replacement for Diddy. Furthermore, representatives from 50 Cent’s team have dismissed the report, citing his commitment to his own spirits brand, Sire Spirits, as a primary factor.

In response to the rumors, 50 Cent took to his Instagram page to address the speculation directly. Sharing a screenshot of the headline in question, he urged his followers to start the day with positivity and encouraged them to pursue their aspirations. He concluded his post with the tagline “QGTM” (Quality, Growth, Trust, Momentum) and highlighted his own liquor ventures, including Branson Cognac.

For Ciroc, Diddy has long been synonymous with the brand, pivotal in its marketing and promotional efforts. His charismatic persona and influential status have contributed significantly to Ciroc’s success, making him an indelible fixture within the brand’s identity.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent’s entrepreneurial endeavors have garnered widespread acclaim, particularly within the spirits industry, with the launch of his own liquor brands, including Branson Cognac, which has recently partnered with the Orlando Magic NBA franchise.

As part of this collaboration, the spirits will receive prominent branding at the Branson Bar on the Terrace Level and the Sire Spirits SKYLOUNGE within the arena premises. Additionally, branded promotions will be seamlessly integrated into all in-arena digital signage during the Magic’s home basketball games throughout the regular season.

Magic Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships, J.T. McWalters, expressed enthusiasm for the alliance in a written statement: “The Magic are thrilled to team up with Sire Spirits, and we welcome them to our partnership family. As two companies committed to excellence, we look forward to growing this partnership and connecting both of our brands in support of our local community.”

Beyond the branding opportunities, the partnership entails a philanthropic aspect involving 50 Cent’s nonprofit foundation, G-Unity. Under the contractual obligation, the Magic will collaborate with G-Unity on community initiatives commencing in February 2025. Among these initiatives, G-Unity will support the Magic’s Black Business Summit, demonstrating a shared commitment to empowering local businesses. Additionally, G-Unity will participate in the Magic’s Share the Magic program, which aims to provide game tickets to disadvantaged groups within the community.