André LeRoy Davis, NYC

André LeRoy Davis Hosts Art Exhibit With City Winery NYC

City Winery NYC is celebrating Black History Month with "The Last Word," an art exhibit by André LeRoy Davis, known for his satirical illustrations on the "The Source" magazine's end page.

Fans of the famed satirical illustrator André LeRoy Davis now have a chance to view his works in a new gallery. The acclaimed artist will have his pieces on display at City Winery NYC throughout Black History Month.

Source: Photo by City Winery

The exhibit is called “The Last Word” to pay tribute to the thought-provoking, often political, and always satirical illustrations at the end of The Source that made Davis, who worked for the magazine from 1990 to 2007, a household name. The exhibit will showcase some of his famed works for the publication.

On City Winery’s website, Davis spoke about his unorthodox visual humor and what the viewer should gain from the experience.

“If you’ve never been introduced to my artistry before, my humor may be outside of the box, but I tell a story within a box,” explained the visionary. “Jocularity, politics, captivating likeness, well thought out ideas, detail, hidden jokes, in-your-face statements and a parody that works in totality to elevate the complete package that seemingly draws you in.”

Over 30 prints of Davis’ famed works will be on display, all available for purchase. His themes of hip-hop, politics, and Black America have captivated audiences for decades, making him a critical voice in visual and written media for his provocative pieces that often call out injustice via his imagery of Black public figures.

Davis offered details about his mission to remain true to his artistry by sparking conversation.

“My mission with my art is to inform, ‘make ‘em laugh, make ‘em think, enlighten ‘em, make ‘em double think about what they first thought and most importantly… I strive to say something with my art.”

Davis spoke to in 2021 about why he believed his work had gained in popularity.

“In the beginning, I illustrated whatever was happening in the news that was poignant,” he shared with the site. “After that, my illustrations would sum up the whole issue with one drawing. It evolved into whoever was on the cover. I really didn’t think anything of it. I was just trying to make sure my drawings were on point.”

City Winery is also unveiling a bottle of cabernet sauvignon to further celebrate the exhibit, with the keepsake featuring one of Davis’ signature pieces on the label. Tickets are free throughout February, with Davis to attend the venue for a meet-and-greet on Feb. 23 to speak more about the artwork that has aided in Black political consciousness.

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