Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell States That Kamala Harris Is ‘Not Qualified’ to Be VP

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell isn’t particularly happy with former Vice President Joe Biden’s choice for his vice-presidential running mate. He stated that Kamala Harris is “not qualified” and is an “affirmative action” choice while appearing on Fox News’ Hannity earlier this week, according to The Sun.

“Listen, for the next 84 days, I’m not sleeping,” Terrell said. “Before I endorsed President Trump, I said if Kamala Harris is selected, I’m voting Republican. And she got selected. I want to be very clear to the American public. Kamala Harris was selected for two reasons. Because she’s a woman and because of her race. That’s called affirmative action. She’s not qualified to be a vice president. She’s not qualified to be one heartbeat away from the highest office in the land.”

“This woman has gone so far left,” he continued. “If you like your health care, she wants to take it away. She believes in socialized medicine. She has no principles or no scruples. And also—what is important—the only thing she’s truthful about is one thing. She called Joe Biden a racist. That is what she’s correct about.”

Earlier this week, Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, announced Harris as his running mate, marking the first time in history that a Black woman has been chosen on either the Democratic or Republican Party’s presidential ticket.

Last month, the freshman senator detailed what a Biden presidency would mean for Black Americans, touting Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan for economic recovery and racial equality. Under the plan, $150 billion would be invested in minority businesses, the minimum wage would be raised to $15 an hour, cash bail would be eliminated, and formerly incarcerated people would be provided temporary housing upon release from prison.

“This plan that Joe Biden is offering around dealing with racial disparity in the economy is a very important step because he is acknowledging that racial equities have to be a part of the priority,” said Harris during an exclusive interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE.