Colin Kaepernick Partners with Medium to Create Race-Related Content
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Colin Kaepernick Partners with Medium to Create Race-Related Content

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Former NFL quarterback and social justice activist Colin Kaepernick has recently joined the board of directors of content platform Medium.

In an earlier announcement, Medium welcomed Kaepernick to a seat on their board of directors and also stated that they will partner with Kaepernick and his content publishing company he launched earlier this year, Kaepernick Publishing. The partnership will create and feature stories focused on “race and civil rights in America, and to elevate emerging voices from communities of color.”

In a written statement, CEO of Medium, Ev Williams, who is also a partner at Obvious Ventures, and co-founder of Twitter said, “I met Colin a couple of years ago and have been wanting to work with him ever since. When he launched Kaepernick Publishing in February, we started a conversation and quickly realized how closely our ideals and sensibilities align. I know he will bring valuable insights and leadership to Medium, especially in this moment when the world is finally catching up to his vision on racial justice.

“Kaepernick Publishing’s mission is to uplift and elevate voices for Black and Brown communities, something that has been desperately needed in the publishing space. Through this partnership, Colin will be publishing across Medium’s platform, including a collaboration with Medium’s editorial team—leading Level and Momentum. He will be sharing his thoughts on anti-Black racism in our society, and Medium and Kaepernick Publishing will co-publish thought-provoking feature stories from diverse writers of color.

“I couldn’t be more happy to welcome Colin to Medium. He’s an incisive, independent thinker, whose integrity has inspired so many. The world needs more of that.”

In a recent Forbes poll, it shows that a majority of Americans believe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell owes former quarterback Colin Kaepernick an apology. This came after Goodell admitted publicly that he and the NFL “were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. We, the NFL, believe Black Lives Matter.”