Colin Kaepernick’s All-Black Number 7 Nike Jersey Sells Out in Seconds

Nike’s latest, just-released Colin Kaepernick football jersey sold out almost instantly, according to Fox Business.

Kaepernick took to Instagram to announce the release of an all-black number 7 Nike football jersey.

The Icon Jersey 2.0 Kaepernick retailed for $150 before selling out in under a minute.

“Four years ago,” according to a statement on the Nike site, “Colin Kaepernick first took a knee to peacefully protest against systemic racism and social injustice.

“In the years since, he’s used his platform as an athlete to help advance the liberation and well-being of Black & Brown communities.

“Through his continuous commitment, the number 7 jersey has become an iconic symbol for progress and positive change. Colin and Nike team up together once again, this time with a Triple Black jersey, paying homage to the anniversary of Kaepernick seeking what’s true.

“True to each other. True to the movement. True to 7.”

Kaepernick, who was the starting quarterback in Super Bowl XLVII for the San Francisco 49ers in 2013, sparked the controversial #TakeAKnee movement after taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice in America. Eric Reid, a teammate of Kaepernick, also kneeled in solidarity to help bring awareness to racial injustice and police brutality against Blacks.

Earier this week, Kaepernick came to the defense of his friend and fellow social injustice protester Reid, who remains unsigned.