Collateral Damage: Amy Robach Feels ‘Blindsided’ After Learning Of T.J. Holmes’ Past Office Romances

The drama with Good Morning America continues. Amy Robach may have thought she was the only one, but she is learning the hard way that may not be the case.

Since the news broke of her entanglement with co-anchor, T.J. Holmes, other co-workers have come forward claiming similar affairs. Learning she wasn’t Holmes’ only office romance, Robach  now feels like “collateral damage,” according to Page Six.

“She had no idea the scope of TJ’s alleged past office romances,” a source said, according to the outlet.

“She did not expect this to blow up into a scandal.”

News of the GMA3 co-anchors affair made national headlines back in November. Both Robach and Holmes are currently married, and ABC has since removed them from the news desk.

While both journalists seemed unbothered by the publicity, things shifted after it was revealed Holmes allegedly had affairs with an intern – 13 years his junior – and ABC producer, Natasha Singh.

“She certainly did not foresee that their relationship was going to cause major upheaval — outside of her own marriage,” a source close to Robach revealed.

However, another source working with Holmes claimed no one was blindsided at all. The insider claimed the 45-year-old was “up front” with her regarding his former relationships.

While their relationship may be on pause, both Holmes and Robach have lawyered up in hopes of getting their jobs back. “They are all working through strategies to make the hosts comfortable enough so that the network can move on from this as quietly as possible,” the source told The Sun.

The source also said both parties are looking to mediate, but there are no promises. “These are two consenting adults, they did nothing wrong.”

ABC is said to be holding an internal investigation, as Robach’s lawyers feel they are fishing for more “bad girl behavior.” The source claimed they will have trouble, since the seasoned journalist is “fairly well-behaved.” As for Holmes, he is using his time off-air differently, as sources reported he filed for divorce late last month from his wife, Marilee Fiebig.