Colorado Quarterback Shedeur Sanders Rejects Endorsement Deal Set Up By Dad

Colorado Quarterback Shedeur Sanders Rejects Endorsement Deal Set Up By Dad

Shedeur seems to think he and his father have the same value.

University of Colorado coach Deion Sanders has netted numerous endorsements since he began running the sidelines for the Buffaloes, including an eyewear deal. However, his son and Colorado quarterback, Shedeur Sanders, isn’t a fan of the glasses.

In an Instagram video posted by “Coach Prime’ himself, Sanders offers his son and quarterback, Shedeur, an endorsement deal with Blenders, the eyewear line the elder Sanders netted in an endorsement deal earlier this year.

“This is what I’m going to do for you three because I love you,” Deion tells his three children, who are present during the conversation. “I’m going to let y’all design your own shades, y’all gotta do it collectively, though, but it’s going to be under my brand with them Blenders,” 

Shedeur responds to his father’s words by laughing, adding, “I need my own s–t.” 

The Colorado quarterback explained that the Blenders brand is above his father’s name, and Shedeur considers himself at the same level as the former All-Pro and Hall-of-Fame cornerback.

The coach laughed and explained that Blenders and “Coach Prime” are on the same level, while on a lower level are his three children: Shedeur, Shilo, and Deion Jr., a.k.a. “Bucky.”

“Here’s how I see it. Blenders, Prime, Shedeur, Shilo, and Bucky,” Deion said in response to his son’s laughter.

Shedeur responded, “I don’t see it like that.”

Despite the disagreement, the father-son duo is on good terms, especially now that Colorado has revamped its offensive line through the transfer portal with the additions of former Texas Longhorn, Tyler Johnson; UTEP guard, Justin Mayers; and UConn lineman, Yakiri Walker. The additions give Colorado the top-ranked transfer class this off-season. 

Shedeur was the most-sacked quarterback in college football last season, as opposing defenses brought him down 52 times, but he still threw for 3,230 yards, 27 touchdowns, and three interceptions. Things should improve for Sanders next season with his new protection.

The Colorado signal-caller is not starving for endorsement deals. He’s number two in the NIL top 100, according to, making $4 million annually in deals with Google, Topps Trading Cards, and Urban Outfitters. Meanwhile, his father has endorsement deals with Nike, Pizza Hut, GMC, Van Heusen, American Express, and AFLAC.