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Deputy On Break Saves Woman From Jumping In River With Her Baby

It was a normal day for a Georgia deputy to take her usual stroll during her lunch break, until she stumbled upon something alarming.

Muscogee County Deputy Aliyah Miller recently rescued a mother and her two-month-old from what could have ended in a tragedy on August 16. According to WSB-TV, Miller spotted a woman during her walk who was on the verge of jumping into the river with her baby. The sheriff’s office and Columbus Police Department confirmed they had received several calls about the woman publicizing her plans on Facebook Live.

“On this date, law enforcement agencies received numerous calls about a woman on Facebook Live who was distraught on the Columbus River Walk and threatening to jump into the water with her approximately two-month-old infant,” Sheriff Greg Countryman wrote in a Letter of Commendation.

Miller worked alongside a Columbus officer as they approached the woman to persuade her not to jump.

“Deputy Miller was able to talk to the mother and get the baby from her to safety, while the Columbus Police Officer was able to get the mother the assistance she needed,” Sheriff Countryman stated in the letter.

Miller remained with the infant until the family arrived on the scene. Columbus Fire and EMS extended one of their air-conditioned vehicles for them to wait inside and shelter from the extremely high heat index the area was experiencing that day.

“I want to commend Deputy Miller, the Columbus Police Department, and Columbus Fire and EMS on a job well done! Thanks to your quick thinking and response time, they prevented a tragedy from occurring today. Your dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty is what we should all strive to every day,” Sheriff Countryman added in his letter.

Countryman described Miller’s actions as heroic.

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