Judge Tanya Chutkan

White Woman Charged With Threatening To Kill Judge Tanya Chutkan Over Trump’s Election Case

A woman from Texas is facing charges for threatening to kill the judge overseeing former President Donald Trump‘s federal election interference case.

Abigail Jo Shry called Judge Tanya Chutkan‘s chambers Aug. 5 and left a threatening voicemail, saying she would “kill anyone who went after former President Trump,” CNN reports.

Shry is charged with Transmission in Interstate or Foreign Commerce of any Communication Containing a Threat to Injure the Person of Another.

“If Trump doesn’t get elected in 2024, we are coming to kill you, so tread lightly, b*tch,” Shry said in the voicemail.

“You are in our sights, we want to kill you.”

Prosecutors claim her threats included racist comments, calling Judge Chutkan “stupid slave n***er.”

Shry is being held in detention pending trial. A bond hearing is set for September 13.

The woman had no problem admitting to her crimes. According to a criminal complaint, Shry confessed to special agents of the Department of Homeland Security on Aug. 8 that she called Chutkan’s chambers but claims she didn’t have “plans to travel to Washington, DC or Houston to carry out anything she stated.”

However, the Alvin, Texas, native also “made a direct threat to kill Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee, all democrats in Washington D.C. and all people in the LGBTQ community,” according to a complaint.

Since Trump has been indicted, he has publicly attacked Chutkan, calling her “highly partisan” and “VERY BIASED & UNFAIR!” regarding her past comments in a separate sentencing case of one of the January 6 riot defendants, according to the Associated Press.

But the President Barack Obama-appointed judge isn’t backing down.

During a hearing in early August, Chutkan placed a protective order in the case, restricting what evidence Trump and his legal team can publicly announce. She warned Trump’s lawyers that his defense should be for the courtroom and “not on the internet.”

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