Comedian B. Simone Wants To Earn $1 Million In 50 Days

Comedian B. Simone Wants To Earn $1 Million In 50 Days

Braelyn Simone
Comedian B. Simone Image: Instagram

We love black entrepreneurs who set high, achievable goals for themselves.

Stand-up comedian and Wild N’ Out cast member, B. Simone prides herself on understanding the value of creating multiple streams of income to produce generational wealth. She has been able to transform her success into a profitable business and brand but it doesn’t stop there. The social media influencer and entrepreneur has just announced that she has until her 30th birthday on April 5 to reach her goal of earning $1 million through her independent business ventures to officially become a millionaire.

The comedian has several business ventures including her new vegan-friendly cosmetic line, B. Simone Beauty, as well as her clothing store, B. Simone Closet through Poshmark. The powerhouse comedian is currently on two comedy tours, one with the legendary Martin Lawrence on his “Lit AF” tour and on Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes’ “Ladies Night Out” tour. She also creates content for her popular YouTube channel: over 400,000 subscribers tune in for her relatable conversation and hilarious commentary.

“Everyone who knows me, knows I want to be a millionaire by the time that I’m 30! I have 50 days to be a millionaire and I am $250,000 away,” said B.Simone to her followers. She has set a goal to document her journey to millionaire success by earning $5,000 a day for the next 50 days, according to her Instagram. As of right now, she has less than 30 days to reach her goal.

Last December, the comedian celebrating making over $100,000 in two days with her beauty brand.

You can view her Road to Millions video on her Instagram page.