Congressman George Santos Accused of Making Offensive Comments About Blacks, Jews, and Hitler

In a 2011 comment on Facebook, obtained by Patch, Santos allegedly wrote: “hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh hiiiiiiiiiiiitlerrrrrrrrrrr (hight hitler) lolololololololololololol sombody kill her!! the jews and black mostly lolllolol!!! Dum.”

Santos’ former roommate confirmed the account’s validity to the outlet and said that the congressman used to often make anti-semitic comments. An attorney for Santos told Patch the Facebook post is “completely false”.

The allegation comes as the congressman had previously been caught in a lie about being Jewish and his grandparents fleeing the Holocaust. He later walked back the claims saying he was “Jew-ish”.

As well as being exposed for stating a series of lies during his campaign run, Santos is also under scrutiny over an amended financial disclosure form he filed with the FEC this week. For starters, there’s two loans — for $500,000 and $125,000 — that are no longer identified as coming from Mr Santos’s personal funds, as they had been previously.

Dozens of Republican officials in New York State, including four recently elected congressmen, urged Santos to resign. Their call represented a sharp break from congressional Republican leaders, who insisted they would not push the embattled congressman to resign.

Even as Santos’ former allies insisted that his fabrications on the campaign trail had significantly violated the public trust, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that he not only would resist calls to push Mr. Santos out, but that he planned to seat him on a congressional committee.

Despite waves of revelations surrounding his past and present fiascos, the embattled congressman has remained adamant that he will remain in office. Even in the face of members of his own party calling for his ouster, Santos has stood firm.