Jason Whitlock

Conservative Pundit Jason Whitlock Slams All-Gender Bathrooms At Kansas City Airport

Jason Whitlock, a former ESPN personality, took to the social media site to express his displeasure with the new bathrooms at the airport.

The Daily Mail reported that Jason Whitlock, a former ESPN personality, took to Twitter/X to express his displeasure with the new bathrooms at Kansas City International Airport.

Whitlock’s post includes information from Twitter stating the point of the all-gender bathrooms is “to increase accessibility and efficiency. Single-stalled bathrooms were implemented in Kansas City for universal use.” The post adds that all-gender bathrooms are essentially the same as family bathrooms.

Whitlock’s disapproval prompted a response from Justice Horn, the chair of the Kansas City LGBTQ Commission, who explained it in similar terms.

“Hi, chair of the commission who helped craft this policy in Kansas City. These are single stall, all gender bathrooms that allow for greater privacy,”’ Horn replied on X. “To make you also aware: The bathroom on the plane AND the bathroom at your home are single stall, all gender bathrooms as well.”

Whitlock, who has admitted he’s never voted in his life, has moved on from his daily attacks on Colorado football coach Deion Sanders, now that the college football season is over. He wrote a retort to Horn’s tweet.

“To make you also aware: toilets are for peeing and pooping,” Whitlock wrote. “The policy you crafted is to make you feel better about your sexuality and promote the lie that gender is based on a pronoun choice.”

Whitlock’s bathroom preferences isn’t the only controversy he’s currently involved in. Last week, the former sports writer told an audience at a Turning Point USA event in Phoenix that women don’t deserve the right to vote.

“I will defend life before suffrage because a vote used to represent the family: when we were a culture that really valued family and really understood the natural order that God intended – man serving god, woman following man who serves God, man and woman developing and nurturing children.”

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