Conservative Radio Host Larry Elder Announces He’s Running For President in 2024

Conservative Radio Host Larry Elder Announces He’s Running For President in 2024

The race for the White House is on, and the conservatives can add another candidate to the growing list of candidates. Larry Elder has joined that list!

The conservative radio host announced he’s running for President of the United States. The big announcement came on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight after the two laughed at Elder, 70, being called the “Black face of White Supremacy.”

After his appearance, he made an official tweet about his candidacy.

Elder joins a long list of conservative candidates eyeing the Oval Office, including former President Donald Trump, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, who reportedly launched a presidential exploratory committee, allowing him to raise money that could then be used for an official presidential campaign.

The former lawyer and the longtime host of the nationally syndicated conservative radio program, The Larry Elder Show, has never been shy about sharing his opinion on issues like critical race theory and a “woke” agenda. In 2021, in his first political bid for public office, he ran to replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a recall effort. Associated Press reports he received the most votes out of the 46 other people in the race, but California residents voted to keep Newsom in office.

His controversial ways and ideologies have made continuous headlines over the years. In 2021, he told fellow conservative Candace Owens that he feels slave owners deserve reparations. Over 20 years ago, Elder wrote in Capitalism Magazine, “Women know less than men about political issues, economics, and current events. Good news for Democrats, bad news for Republicans. For the less one knows, the easier the manipulation.”