Cool Jobs: ‘Crazy Cookie Lady’ Entrepreneur Zenobia Dewely

Cool Jobs: ‘Crazy Cookie Lady’ Entrepreneur Zenobia Dewely

Zenobia Dewely, owner of Zenobia's Sweet Tooth

We all want to make money doing the things we love, and enjoy the perks of having a job that might be hard work but doesn’t feel like work. By following your passion, you can have a career that not only brings in enough to sustain your lifestyle, but leads to life fulfillment and career advancement.

Meet Zenobia Dewely, founder and owner of Zenobia’s Sweet Tooth, a Brooklyn, N.Y. baking company that specializes in cookies, breads, and muffins. Her dessert shop boasts a menu that includes unique flavor combos such as peanut butter and Jelly, chocolate chip Twix, Red Velvet and oatmeal raisin coconut treats, and also includes gluten- and sugar-free banana nut breads — with or without nuts and coconut.

Describe the absolute coolest part of your workday.

I really enjoy attending daytime TV shows.  Sharing my cookies with the hosts, their audiences, and their staff really makes me smile. It gives me an opportunity to meet new people regularly and it thrills me to watch strangers enjoying my treats! Social media allows me to meet and chat with new people and I love when they respond to how my cookies affect them.  I would have never had the opportunity to meet and greet so many people, had it not been for my cookies, so I feel really blessed and grateful. Sherri Shepherd absolutely raves about my gluten and sugar-free banana bread.  Martha Stewart has enjoyed my treats as well, Rachel Ray says they’re delicious, and I have had the pleasure of baking for seven-time, Grammy award-winning singer, Al Jarreau.  I would have never thought my dreams would take me here, so this journey has been extremely exciting!

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