Cool Jobs: The Harlem Globetrotter

Cool Jobs: The Harlem Globetrotter

It’s made my work ethic even stronger because I’m presented to different people at different levels. Because those [international] offices are smaller, the CEO and COO are closer so you’ll interact with them more regularly, so with that it really made me be more prepared. It’s also helped my networking and presentation skills. Having to interact and present to people from different cultures has enabled me to be able to break almost anything down to the simplest details for greater understanding.

Also, being able to travel across the world as a black female has been an eye opener of how others perceive people of color. A lot of times when they see you traveling, people will say ‘oh what video are you in?’ or ‘what reality TV show are you recording?’ I’m like, ‘No I’m a business professional. I’m here for work, and this is my room.

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to get into global business?

Look at different fellowships. Also ask your company, especially if they’re international, what international programs they have. Do they have some type of global exchange that you can do?  Viacom does what we call internal mobility, so you’re able to travel and swap with people for a few months. Also, meet with businesses at different companies for informational interviews while doing your own personal travel. Definitely start in-house because people never really know that you want that opportunity until you ask them. I always ask.

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