‘Cops Were Called!’ HGTV Host Egypt Sherrod Exposes Trafficking Attempt On Instagram

‘Cops Were Called!’ HGTV Host Egypt Sherrod Exposes Trafficking Attempt On Instagram

HGTV host Egypt Sherrod used her Instagram page to raise awareness of the disturbing realities of the sex trafficking crisis plaguing the country.

Sherrod posted a shocking Instagram video on Sunday outside a gas station in Kennesaw, Georgia, where she witnessed a man place a mysterious tissue on a gas pump and wait inside his car for an unsuspecting woman to touch it.

“Aughhh you hear about this stuff, but to literally witness a set up in action makes my heart beat out of my chest,” Sherrod shared in her caption.

“This literally just happened in Kennesaw. I am so grateful GOD placed me at this gas station at this exact time to tell this young lady DO NOT TOUCH. Cops were called!”


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In the video, the Married to Real Estate host explains firsthand what she witnessed at the local gas station.

“I’m out getting a tank of gas and I watched a man put this on a gas handle and I just had to run over to tell the little girl not to touch it,” Sherrod explained.

“I watched him do this,” she said while panning her camera over to a gas pump with a tissue placed in the handle part. “Do you see the tissue?”

The real estate maven went on to share a warning to women who might find themselves in similar encounters.

“So if you ever find yourself at a gas station and a tissue is on the handle or you come back to your vehicle and see a tissue on the handle, DO NOT TOUCH IT AT ALL,” Sherrod exclaimed. Many of her followers thanked her for sharing and commented about the ongoing kidnapping attempts sweeping the country.

“You are visibly shaken. I’m glad you helped that young lady. So glad. Please be careful out there,” one user wrote.

“This is so disturbing thank you for sharing it’s sad that we have to think like this but it’s the reality with live in,” added someone else.