Oprah Winfrey Can’t Be Put In A Box But Will She Leave Media To Enter Politics?

Oprah Winfrey Can’t Be Put In A Box But Will She Leave Media To Enter Politics?

Since California Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced she won’t seek reelection in 2024, there has been speculation about who will replace her. Speculation has arisen that our favorite, Oprah Winfrey, may be a possible replacement.

Since Feinstein, 89, chose to retire, several names have been thrown into the ring as her rumored replacement, including Oprah Winfrey, the Associated Press reports. It may not be so far-fetched, as Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) promised in 2021 to have a Black woman sit in Feinstein’s seat if it became available after then-Senator Kamala Harris resigned to become vice president; Newsom faced pressure to have another Black woman sit in Harris’ seat.

Strategists and other Democratic leaders like Kerman Maddox and assembly member Lori Wilson feel Newsom should stay committed to that promise. “He made the commitment and I do not believe there is any wiggle room for the governor not to honor his commitment,” Maddox said. “Newsom must honor his promise to appoint a Black woman if Feinstein resigns,” Wilson agreed. “I trust him at his word. We currently have zero Black women in the Senate, so if the opportunity becomes available the governor must act to help remedy this lack of representation.”

If Newsom can’t pull Winfrey from the spotlight, Rep. Barbara Lee may be at the forefront, according to Fox News. Lee is actually running for the seat against fellow Democratic California House politicians, Reps. Adam Schiff and Katie Porter.

Winfrey has had her name thrown in the political spectrum numerous times, most recently in 2020 with a rumor she was running for the Oval Office. However, she openly put those rumors to rest with a speech given while campaigning for former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in 2018. “I don’t want to run,” Winfrey said. “I am not trying to test any waters, don’t want to go in those waters.”