SBU Expert Melinda Emerson Talks Crowdfunding Success

Melinda F. Emerson, aka the Small Biz Lady, founder of Succeed As Your Own Boss (Image: Emerson Corey Cottrell)

Join the nation’s premier small business expert Melinda Emerson, also known as SmallBiz Lady, as she educates our audience on crowdfunding and hiring a lawyer or accountant for your small business in the Black Enterprise Small Business University (SBU)  sponsored by AARP.

The SBU program is designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs network and learn new methods to grow their business.

The first 30-percent of donations will come from people you know, then once momentum starts that’s how other donors will find you. The average crowdfunding campaign will raise under 10-thousand dollars.” – Melinda Emerson.

Join Melinda on SBU as she explains the 7 key steps you need to take to make your crowdfunding campaign a success.