Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Lawyers Allege Assault Victim Bragged About Consensual Sex with Actor

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s legal team is clapping back at a woman claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the actor, and accused her of “bragging” about the consensual sex they had on the night of the alleged rape.

On Monday, Gooding’s lawyers confirmed there are three witnesses who accuse the alleged victim, identified as Jane Doe, of returning to the bar where she met the Jerry Maguire actor and boasted about having consensual sex with him, Insider reported. The witnesses are two bar owners and a bartender.

The woman filed a lawsuit against Gooding in 2020 claiming the Academy Award-winning actor raped her twice at the Mercer hotel in New York City in 2013 after the two met at a bar in Greenwich Village. The woman claims she repeatedly told Gooding “no” but he continued the attack.

Gooding denies the allegations with his attorney Ed Sapone saying his client is “very confident” he’ll win the case.

Gooding “has a lot of faith in the civil justice system and can’t wait for his day in court,” Sapone said.

On Tuesday, the judge ordered the trial to begin on June 5. Gooding’s lawyers are still waiting for documents they requested from Doe, including a police report she said she filled out shortly after hiring the legal team of famed women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred.

Doe’s attorney, Casey Wolnowski, said they are aware of the witnesses but “vehemently denies their views on what transpired.” Wolnowski is “confident the jury is going to give” his client’s testimony “the weight it deserves.”

The trial comes two years after more than 30 women came forward to accuse Gooding of groping or inappropriately touching them. The Boyz n the Hood star pleaded guilty last year to a harassment charge that allowed him to avoid imprisonment.

Natasha Ashworth, one of the three women in the criminal case, was awarded $80,000 after Gooding failed to respond to her lawsuit for nearly two years.