Patti LaBelle’s STILL Mad and Wanted to ‘Slap the Heifer’ Who Thought She Would Eat Cupcake Paper

She’s the “Godmother of Soul” who will get a hater together real quick.

During a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, singer and songwriter Patti LaBelle shared a particular situation with cupcake baker, Lisa Lillian, that had the audience rolling with laughter.

According to the interview, LaBelle recalled the memory with the cupcake baker when she was a guest on The Tyra Banks Show years ago.

“Then there was the one with the cupcake,” LaBelle said to Hudson. “The girl thought I was going to eat the paper. Woo-wee…I wanted to slap that heifer so hard,” LaBelle told the Hudson talkshow audience, waving her hand in a slapping motion as everyone burst into laughter.

During the baking segment, LaBelle stood with Lillian and Banks in front of a batch of the baker’s cupcakes. Grabbing one and holding it up to the audience, LaBelle told the audience the cupcake had paper on it. As she preceded to smell the baked good, the baker turned towards her and said, “Yeah, you can’t eat the paper.”

“Nope, but you can touch it with your hands,” LaBelle responded, confused at Lillian’s remark.

As the baker continued to talk to Banks, LaBelle rolled her eyes, questioning why the woman would think she would eat the cupcake paper.

“‘You can’t eat the paper.’ Girl, I know you can’t eat the paper,” LaBelle said towards the audience, before Banks interrupted Lillian to see what LaBelle was saying.

“She is causing trouble,” Lillian said before LaBelle checked her on the comment.

LaBelle told the Hudson audience that she was happy with so many of the fun moments in her life.

As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, LaBelle is ready to add to the fun and make more memories, revealing that she is ready to start dating again at 78 years old. “I think in life I need to find happiness for myself,” she said, adding that she is “too good to be solo.”