Customized Mercedes-Benzes Are the Ultimate Mobile Offices

Customized Mercedes-Benzes Are the Ultimate Mobile Offices

Would you be more inclined to attend a dreaded business meeting inside a luxurious Mercedes-Benz? One company thinks so.

Midwest Automotive Designs, a master Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van “upfitter” based in Indiana, outfits Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans into mobile offices fit for VIPs. The vans’ interiors have wood veneer trim and double-stitched leather. 4G LTE Wi-Fi, HD flat-screen TVs, iPad holders, audio amplifiers, sub-woofers, and HDMI connectivity are just a few of the technology features available.

Customers can select the features they want from a slew of options and finishing touches, such as refrigerators and coat hooks.

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Wade Martin, a financial industry executive, is already on his fourth van. “If you look at it in terms of billable hours, hiring a driver and traveling in this kind of office-on-wheels is the smartest thing you can do,” Martin says. “Every hour I’m in transit is now a productive hour. And I’m not having to work when I get home. I’m relaxed and I spend more time with my family.”

The technology in these vans is what tends to attract customers, largely business executives. “Our custom luxury vans really do evoke that classic sense of style and elegance,” says Midwest’s President, Tim Gray. “But what astonishes people is the level of technology we’re now able to surround them with.”

Gary says that demand is at an all-time high because business people want to always remain connected while traveling.

In the end,” notes Gray, “the one thing busy execs can’t buy more of is time. But with a Mercedes Sprinter van converted to meet their needs, and crafted to our standards, they can make the most of every hour of their day. People think it’s a luxury. But for our customers, it’s really more of a necessity.”