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Mirror-Like Cybertruck May Cause Accidents On The Road, Nothing Illegal About Appearance

Tyson Garvin's Cybertruck went viral because of the mirrorlike exterior, but has caused concerns about road hazards

The Tesla Cybertruck has been in the news lately because of its futuristic look. An owner of the new vehicle polished the stainless-steel exterior to give it the look of a giant mirror on the road. He stated he did so to help with the fingerprint stains that appear on the Cybertruck, but social media users were concerned that it presents a road hazard due to several possibilities. However, traffic experts stated that even if this is the case, it’s not illegal, according to Business Insider.

Tyson Garvin’s Cybertruck went viral in May because of the mirror-like exterior. When social media saw how the vehicle looked, some voiced concerns. One included the potential that other drivers on the road would have their vision blocked if their car’s headlights bounced back in their sight, affecting their view. Concerns also included the possibility that the vehicle can blend in with the environment it’s traveling in.

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Garvin admitted to the media outlet that he shared similar concerns.

“Reflective glare may pose the same problem for other drivers as headlight glare, but I am not aware of any research documenting whether this leads to or is associated with increased crash risk,” David Zuby, the chief research officer for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, expressed in an email to Business Insider.

Yet, there is still the possibility of accidents occurring due to people marveling at the vehicle and its mirror-like exterior. It can also lead to drawing the attention of law enforcement.

Martin A. Kron, a New York traffic court attorney and former judge, stated that he had never had to deal with any issues related to a car’s paint job in 38 years.

“Although there may not be a spelled-out legal prohibition against it, in the real world, if you’re driving a customized car, you’re asking to be pulled over,” Kron said.