DaBaby Wins $6M Lawsuit After 5-Day Trial for Miami Brawl with Promoter

Rapper DaBaby has another legal win under his belt after scoring a victory in his $6 million lawsuit related to a 2020 brawl in Miami.

On Monday, the trial over the million-dollar lawsuit wrapped with a jury ruling in DaBaby’s favor, TMZ reported. The trial stemmed from a January 2020 encounter that showed DaBaby and his crew beating the breaks off a Miami promoter following a dispute.

A criminal battery charge against DaBaby had already been dropped, but the North Carolina native was still on the hook for the lawsuit. Promoter Kenneth Carey accused Baby and his crew of physically assaulting him and a friend following a disagreement over payment for a Miami event that Carey organized.

Carey claims money and a cell phone were stolen during the beatdown that went viral across social media. Now DaBaby and his legal team are celebrating their latest win in court.

“Along with our client, Jonathan Kirk (DaBaby), we are thrilled that this federal jury, after a five-day trial, came to the same conclusion that we have maintained for almost 3 years – that these plaintiffs were attempting to use the legal system to shake down Mr. Kirk,” DaBaby’s attorney Drew Findling said.

“Mr. Kirk deserves all the credit in the world for not caving in to these plaintiffs’ cash demands and having the confidence in the facts and his legal team to take this to a jury trial for a complete and total victory!”

The latest win comes one year after DaBaby had his Las Vegas battery case dismissed. The “Bop” rapper ended up paying $7,500 to a driver who accused the rapper of attacking him during a ride, Page Six reports.

The “Suge” hitmaker still has other legal woes to tend to, including one over his 2020 single “Rockstar.” Florida producer JuJu Beatz accused DaBaby’s team of copying elements of his original beat, “Selena” to produce “Rockstar,” Rolling Stone reported.