Bundles Protected! Dallas County Judge Finds Solution to Help Entrepreneurs Save Extensions

Dallas County judge, Shequitta Kelly, is protecting bundles and investments with a hair storage unit she created.

Kelly founded The Hair Shield nearly two years after she grew frustrated sorting through quality, yet tangled, matted, and dried-out hair extensions. She created a solution in a satin-lined protective unit that stores, transports, and restores beauty to hair extensions. In July 2018, The Hair Shield was manufactured, and the brand has since allowed Kelly to serve in a different way.

(Image: Courtesy Athena Hair Extension Storage Unit (The Hair Shield)

“By day, I am your Dallas county criminal family violence judge, so entrepreneurship has put a unique spin on my career,” the Indiana native told Voyage Dallas.

“My daytime job requires a lot of after-hours work leaving little time for my company.”

“I am proud that somehow, I’ve found the time to pour into creating a product that has a purpose and brings joy to the lives of others.”

Kelly, who was elected Judge of Dallas County Criminal Court #11 in 2015, saw a moment that would not only help her “fellow frugal friends,” but ignite her entrepreneurial journey, per the outlet. When she wasn’t closing the doors on domestic violence, the creator was overcoming the hurdles of finding a manufacturer that could meet her design and costs needs. Focusing on the brand’s niche and customers helped Kelly through a slow process of product exposure.

“Every day, I see broken people, some which I have the pleasure of helping, running the Hair Shield allows me to serve in a different capacity. The Hair Shield is the first and only hair storage unit of its kind,” Kelly said.

The Hair Shield is on sale for $35. Offered in a variety of styles and collections, the shield was designed to provide ultimate quality preservation by reducing frizz and dryness, per the website.

“My advice to other women who are starting their journey is to take your time, be patient and learn your audience.”

“I’ve learned that my product isn’t for every woman. Initially, I thought, ‘What weave-wearing-woman wouldn’t want this?’ Once I figured out my niche and focused on my true customers, I saw my sales increase,” Kelly explained.