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Damon Dash Responds To Fat Joe’s ‘You Made A JAY-Z, Go Make Another JAY-Z’ Comment

Dash: “So I didn’t make another Hov, I made another $100 million company. I don't make an artist, I make a company.”

There seems to be a dispute between Bronx-bred hip-hop recording artist Fat Joe and Harlem-grown entrepreneur Damon Dash.

Although both men state that they don’t have a beef with each other, apparently, a prior conversation Fat Joe had was captured on video from his Instagram Live when he referenced a line on Jay-Z’s “Lost Ones.”

“I heard motherf**kers sayin’ they made Hov/Made Hov say, ‘OK, so? Make another Hov!’”

Initially, Joe spoke about people being delusional, and somehow that led to him saying: “If you’re a hustler, if you’re a money getter then where’s your money? If you’re a genius and you’re smart then where’s your sh**?”

“So whoever you are—you know Jay-Z said, ‘You made a Jay-Z, go make another Jay-Z.’ And that’s not a direct shot at Dame Dash, I have no issues with Damon Dash. I’m just saying—that’s one of the most historic lines ever, and I happen to think that Dame Dash is a smart guy, an intelligent guy, but he said it. He made one, go make another one. You can’t tell me that because I put Big Pun on, then I put DJ Khaled on.”

For whatever reason Joe brought Dash up in this situation, it apparently made Dash feel a way.

On Jan. 13, Dash took to his America Nu Network on YouTube to discuss what Fat Joe said.

“I have no beef with you but I have a response to what you said. Number one, make another Hov? Why the f**k would I make another Hov? He was double dipping. We were paying him highly as an artist and then he was double dipping from the company and he didn’t make me a lot of money.

“He did not generate $100 million a year for me; that’s why I had to do a lot of other sh*t. I don’t want to make another Hov. But I did make a Kanye, a Cam’ron, pause, or help, and after you do that I don’t have anything else to do.”

Dash added that he created a company worth $100 million: Rachel Roy (his former wife, Rachel Roy’s fashion company).

“I don’t make an artist; I make a company,” Dash said.

Fat Joe is currently signed to Jay-Z’s Roc-Nation Management.

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