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Damon Dash Asks Court To Lower Child Support Payments

The entrepreneur claims he only made $5,140 in 2022.

Roc-A-Fella label co-founder Damon Dash has pleaded with a judge to lower the child support payments he pays to his former wife, Rachel Roy.

Dash stated that his current income doesn’t allow him to pay the required amount. According to TMZ Hip Hop, the Harlem-bred entrepreneur asked the judge to lower his monthly payment to $428 a month because of his lack of cash flow. He is currently required to pay Roy $3,000 monthly for the 15-year-old daughter they share. They also have an older daughter. The explanation for his lowered annual salary is that his business ventures are not making any money currently.

He stated in his court filing that he only made $5,140 in income for the 2022. He said his income has reduced immensely since 2020 and hasn’t picked up due to the pandemic. Yet, Roy is disputing his claim. She alleges that he is not fully disclosing income from his businesses, and since he still owns a significant stake in Roc-A-Fella Records, that should supply a substantial stream of income.

The judge has not ruled on his motion yet.

While appearing on The CEO Show with Dr. Taje Moreno last October, he expressed that his recent earnings pale in comparison to when he earned $8 million a year.

“While I’m investing in something else, I might not be making the money and the profit, so I can’t afford to pay out what I was when I was having EBITA [earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization] of $8 million a year,” Dash said on the Oct. 19 episode. “So you can’t judge how much I’m gonna pay out by how much I made 20 years ago.”

Although the cash flow isn’t what it was during the height of the Roc-A-Fella Records era, he stated that he wasn’t ashamed of his current financial status and described himself as a “proud broke,” but that his situation was temporary.