Dock Worker At The Center Of The Montgomery Riverboat Brawl Speaks For The First Time

Dock Worker At The Center Of The Montgomery Riverboat Brawl Speaks For The First Time

Dameion Pickett, the dockworker who threw his hat up like a Bat signal during the Montgomery Riverboat Brawl, was interviewed on Sept. 25 by Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts.

Pickett told Roberts that he was shocked by the brawl and had expected a normal “peaceful” day at work.

“I didn’t expect this to happen at work today. I was just expecting another peaceful, nice cruise.”

Pickett said that his main concern was for the safety of the passengers on his boat, the Harriott II, and those on the boat of the group that eventually ended up attacking Pickett for doing his job. Roshien “Rahrah” Carlton came over to assist his friend and co-worker, and he said that by asking what was going on, he was told by one of the belligerent men on the dock, “Who the F you think you are?”

Carlton also revealed that “a lot of racial slurs was going on.” 

The infamous fight began once the that ferry Carlton and Pickett were responsible for helping to bring in finally docked. A man seen brandishing a chair like it was the WWE Attitude Era was charged with disorderly conduct, but his name was not shared during the interview. The four others charged were white: Mary and Allen Todd, Zachary Shipman, and Richard Roberts. All four were charged with misdemeanor assault, and when asked about the events, they all told ABC News they had no comment, according to Roberts. 

Pickett said he has minor injuries from the incident, that he’s still sore and has some “bumps and bruises,” but shared that he’s still here “by the grace of God.”

After the interview concluded, Roberts noted to her co-anchors that she was impressed by Pickett’s dedication to ensuring that people were safely docked in the harbor. Roberts also shared that Pickett worked his way up to a deckhand from the kitchen, saying that the man is proud of the work that he has done during his time at the company. 

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