Alabama brawl

An Alabama Brawl Between Black And White Citizens Has The Internet Buzzing

An all-out brawl at an Alabama boat dock has captured the attention of the masses as several videos of the melee are circulating the internet.

The incident started because a pontoon boat was blocking the dock where a riverboat was attempting to dock, WSFA reported. Witnesses say a riverboat worker was assaulted by people on the pontoon boat, but those claims have not yet been verified.

Other angles show a man swimming across the water to help a lone Black man who was in the process of being jumped by several white people on the other side of the dock.

Over on Black Twitter, users are enjoying the videos, in particular one of a steel chair-toting Black man doing a pretty good imitation of wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, swinging that chair, attempting to knock some heads. At certain points in the video, he connected.

Here are some other reactions from the Twittersphere:


The Montgomery Police Department has made several arrests and is combing through the footage, possibly to determine the charges it will file and identities of the participants.

There is speculation online from outlets like The Daily Mail that the “Alabama Brawl For It All” may have been racially motivated but those claims cannot be confirmed at this time.

In any event, a particular group of white people certainly learned a lesson about what it means to be on the “find out” end of the “f—k around” spectrum. The mood online is equal parts entertainment and jubilation at witnessing a bit of physical solidarity between Black people when they saw an unfair situation and decided to even the odds.

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